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March 08, 2011

inspiration and mixed media

After four years, I felt the urge to be creative again, but I could no longer figure out what that really was. I tried going back to sewing and beadwork, the things I knew how to do, but that now felt foreign and disconnected to my soul.

Desperate to find my creativity, I went searching for inspiration. I started with reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts, then I worked the program by Julie Cameron in The Artist's Way. Both of these artists, combined with lots of prayer, helped my spirit heal and gave me the courage to create once again. However creativity was different this time. I no longer looked at fabric as material, I saw it as art. My magazines became cut up torn pieces of colors, patterns and pictures with paint, crayons, markers and charcoal added to the mix. I was using old discarded books sent to the recycle pile as my canvases and incorporating remnant and second-hand materials in everything I did. I really didn't know what I was doing, I just wanted to keep doing it and I wanted to find others who were doing something similar, if there were any. That's when I discovered I was now living in the world of Mixed Media! I was not alone. I found my calling.

In my search for others like me, there is one artist who touched my heart, fanned the flames that had been tiny embers burning in my soul and inspired me. From reading her blogs to watching her YouTube videos, Mystele Kirkeeng undoubtedly got me going. She encouraged me to see whatever was there, hiding in the background, and to have the courage to listen to the whispers urging me to just create. I will be forever grateful and forever a fan! Check her out, I am sure you will be encouraged and inspired.

Here is my first painting, without any collage, inspired by watching Mystele. I do all my work on old books that were headed to the recycle bin at our local thrift store. I love creating new purpose and life from the tattered past that would have been otherwise thrown away. It is my belief, experience and passion that the “remnants of the past” hold a “purposeful future” in our life if we choose to see them in that light; whether it is a transformation of an old object into something new or the creation of a positive future from a challenging life experience.

flowers in the forest

So here I am, brand new to the world of Mixed Media, and to the world of blogging. I want to share my work, my techniques and hopefully inspire others as I have been inspired. I believe we all have gifts and talents to share with each other and blogging is the perfect venue for doing so. Please feel free to share tips on blogging, links to other inspiration or just say hi.


mystele said...

oh my goodness!!!! what a gorgeous post!and the painting...WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! you did it! now keep going for the love of it, not based on how many comments you get or don't get. share because someone out here needs your voice and your art and the gentle whispers from them.

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...and I will!

Diane said...

HI Rasz, thank you for coming over to my blog and your sweet comment. And welcome to blogland! I started my blog in Nov. 2009 after I finished my first ever online class with guess who--Mystele!! It was also her very first gut art class--I loved that class, and it gave me the courage to express myself and the only reason why I started my blog--who knows where I would be right now if I hadn't discovered Mystele. I'll be back!!
P.S. Great mixed media!!

~Rasz~ said...

Diane, How funny that we both wonder where we would be if we had not discovered Mystele, three years apart! Think of all the other bloggers/artists that she has also given courage to.

I am so glad to have connected with you!