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March 19, 2011

designing my blog

I have been viewing some really beautiful and creative blogs lately that are all Blogger blogs like mine. I wondered how to get my blog to look customized also. I wanted it to reflect the emerging me. So I asked for help from Diane Costanza, one of my Brave Girls Club friends. She graciously offered up tips and instructions. Now for the past few evenings after work I have been customizing my blog. I used Picasa to create the header which worked great and was user friendly too.

I would welcome some input as I am not looking at this blog as you are. I am having trouble deciding on the fonts to use. I like a handwritten style font however I am not sure which one is easiest to read and fits my blog. What do you think? Does the header read well? Does the background blend with the header? What looks good? What could be changed? What fonts do you like or use? I could go on and on with questions so I think I'll let you take it from here...Thanks so much!


Diane said...


I am loving it so far! I think with your loose Impressionistic style of painting I think you should have a lose handwritten font, as well. I will check out what blogger has in their menu and let you know what I think.

I like all the colors you chose. They are very calming and earthy, like your art.

The header looks great! Add some other pix of your work just as decoration to your side column! We all would love to see it! Show us what you do!


~Rasz~ said...

Thanks Diane, you are so helpful, and so creative! I look forward to your font selection. Your blog flows so well with the art, pictures, colors and font. You definitely have an eye for putting it all together. I am so fortunate to have you assisting me!

Lisa Cash said...

Hi Robin,

I think your blog looks great! The more you play around, it will evolve and become a true reflection of you.

Your art is lovely! I really like your book purse - very clever!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments!

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Lisa for your compliments! Your blog is beautiful. All of the pictures just come to life on the page. I will come back often.

tina said...

I think it looks great! If you are at all like me, you'll be changing up your blog all the time!!! It's sort of what I do when I am sitting in front of my computer just "doodling". :)

Keep it up!!!!